Martin VC-Grid 60 [新品]

The VC-Grid 60 is an ultra-light-weight LED video module with a 60 mm pixel pitch. Useful in creating customized LED video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort, the VC-Grid’s compact size makes it extremely suitable for integration into stage designs, set elements, creative ceilings, lobbies and much more. Used with or without a front diffuser, multiple VC-Grids can be combined in a countless variety of ways for ultimate design freedom. A combined power/data cable allows VC-Grids to be daisy-chained for easy setup and less cabling.

・Wide range of pixel pitches to suit every application
・Easy cabling, mapping and configuration
・Bright and fully calibrated for optimal consistency

・64/16 individually controllable pixels
・750 nits of brightness
・High-quality 16-bit per color image processing technology
・Pixel-level brightness and color calibration for optimal image quality
・P3/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)
・Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller
・Combined power/data input (single cable for power and data input)
・Combined power/data thru (to daisy-chain multiple VC-Grids)
・Supported by integrated power and data processor (P3 PowerPort 1500) and simple cabling system
・Custom designs available on request (pixel pitch and module dimensions)

・VC-Grid 8x8 60™:
 ・Length: 480 mm *
 ・Width: 480 mm *
 ・Height: 15 mm
 ・Weight: 500 g

・VC-Grid 4x4 60™:
 ・Length: 240 mm *
 ・Width: 240 mm *
 ・Height: 15 mm
 ・Weight: 123 g
  *Including 40 mm (1.6 in.) board-to-board gap

・Control options: Martin P3 System Controller™ via Martin P3 PowerPort 1500™ and/or DMX
・Control modes: Pixel and module
・Control resolution: 16-bit (P3) or 8-bit (DMX) control of each color
・Protocol detection: Automatic
・Setting and addressing: P3 System Controller or RDM-compliant controller
・DMX channels, 8x8 model: 192 (pixel mode) or 3 (module mode)
・DMX channels, 4x4 model: 48 (pixel mode) or 3 (module mode)
・Color and intensity calibration: Pixel-level
・DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A
・RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20
・Firmware update: Via P3 System Controller

・Device status: Multi-color visual indication
・Device test and reset: Pushbutton to call up local test patterns and reset device

・Minimum LED lifetime: 50,000 hours (to >70% luminous output)*
 *Figure obtained under manufacturer's test conditions.

・VC-Grid 8x8 60™ : Pixels per module: 64
・VC-Grid 4x4 60™ : Pixels per module: 16
・Luminous intensity, calibrated mode: 750 nit
・Viewing angle: 120° x 120°
・Preliminary data, figures are approximate
・Color Resolution: 16 bits per color (48 bit per pixel)
・Color Temperature Control: 2000K-11000K
・Synchronization: System-wide
・Frame Rate: Up to 75 frames/sec
・Brightness Control: 0-100% (at full color resolution)
・Gamma Correction: Fully controllable
・Gamma Control: Fully controllable
・Color Gamut Control: Fully controllable
・LED aging correction: Built-in

・Base: Black FR4 circuit board
・Transparency through module (unmasked area): 8x8 models 49%, 4x4 models 53%
・Protection rating: IP20
・RoHS compliant

・Mounting: Mounting holes in module
・Orientation: Any
・Maximum number of VC-Grid™ 8x8 60 modules per daisy-chain: 12
・Maximum number of VC-Grid™ 4x4 60 modules per daisy-chain: 45

・Power & data input: 4-pin Molex connector
・Power & data thru: 4-pin Molex connector

・Nominal input voltage: 48 VDC from Martin P3 PowerPort 1500™ or external PSU
・Peak power consumption (at full intensity, full white): 8x8 model 30 W; 4x4 model 8 W
・Typical power consumption (with typical video content): 8x8 model 10 W; 4x4 model 3 W
・Figures for typical video content are indicative only and will vary.

・Cooling: Convection
・Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 45° C
・Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -20° C
・Peak heat dissipation (calculated, at full intensity, full white): 8x8 model 105 BTU/hr.; 4x4 model 28 BTU/hr.
・Typical heat dissipation (calculated, with typical video content): 8x8 model 35 BTU/hr.; 4x4 model 11 BTU/hr.
・Figures for typical video content are indicative only and will vary.



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19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料