Robe BMFL Washbeam [中古:ITEM#31552]

Robe BMFL Washbeam [中古:ITEM#31552]

販売価格: 799,990円(税別)

(税込価格: 879,989円)

The strong-arm of the BMFL? family - the superbly powerful BMFL WashBeam comes with extra bright output and an abundance of great features, e.g newly developed framing shutters, super wide front lens and animation wheel.

・LIGHT SOURCE 1700 W OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS
・LIGHT OUTPUT 41.000 lm, 300.000 lx @ 5 m, 3.000 lx @ 50 m
・ZOOM RANGE 5° - 45°
・EFFECTS framing shutters, rotating gobo wheel, interchangeable frost

・Lamp: Compact short-arc metal halide lamp
・Base: PGJX28
・Approved model: OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS
・Lifetime: 750 hours @ 1700 W / 1500 W / Quiet mode
・CRI 92+
・Colour temperature: 6.000 K
・Control: Automatic and remote on/off
・Ballast: Electronic

・Robe’s proprietary optical design
・High - efficiency zoom optical system, ratio 9:1
・Zoom range: 5° - 45°
・Output lens diameter: 180 mm
・Dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light efficiency
・High efficient component optics
・Fixture total lumen output
・41.000 lm at 1.700 W
・38.130 lm at 1.500 W
・33.620 lm at 1.200 W (Quiet mode)
・Light output: 300.000 lx @ 5 m, 3.000 lx @ 50 m

・Cyan: 0-100 %
・Magenta: 0-100 %
・Yellow: 0-100 %
・Variable CTO: 2.700-6.000 K
・Colour wheel 1: 6 fixed dichroic colours - deep red, deep blue, orange, green, magenta, congo blue + white
・Colour wheel 2: 6 replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" dichroic colours - pink, lavender, laser green, 9.000 K CTB, minus half and minus green + white
・Framing shutters: 4 individually positionable blades plus rotation of the complete frame system +-45°
・Rotating gobo wheel: 6 rotating, indexable, replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" glass gobos + open
・Aluminium animation wheel: used alone or in combination with gobos, rotating in both directions at variable speed
・Iris: Motorized, stepless, pulse effects up to 3 Hz
・Frost: Variable Light, Medium plus replaceable Heavy (two another frosts included)
・Motorized zoom and focus
・Shutter: Separate dual blade system, Variable strobe effect up to 10 Hz, full black out
・Dimmer: Optimized dual blade system for exceptional smooth dimming

・Setting & Addressing: ROBE Navigation System 2 (RNS2)
・Display: QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, operation memory service log with RTC, stand-alone operation with 3 editable programs (each up to 100 steps), built-in analyser for easy fault finding
・Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, Art-Net, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN
・Web server
・Wireless version: CRMX? technology from Lumen Radio
・DMX Protocol modes: 2
・Control channels: 48, 41
・Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
・CMY & CTO: 8 bit
・Colour wheel positioning: 8 or 16 bit
・Framing shutters system: 8 bit
・Rotating gobo wheel positioning: 8 bit
・Gobo indexing & rotation: 8 or 16 bit
・Animation wheel: 8 bit
・Animation wheel rotation: 8 bit
・Iris: 8 or 16 bit
・Frost: 8 bit
・Zoom: 8 or 16 bit
・Focus: 8 or 16 bit
・Dimmer: 8 or 16 bit

・Pan movement: 540°
・Tilt movement: 270°
・Movement control: Standard and Speed
・Controllable speed of Pan/Tilt movement
・EMS?: Electronic Motion Stabilizer system for Pan & Tilt reducing beam deviation caused by truss movement or vibration (Patent pending)
・Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction

・6x rotating glass gobos
・Outside diameter: 30.8 mm
・Image diameter: 25.0 mm
・Thickness: 1.1 mm
・Max. thickness: 3.5 mm
・High temperature borofloat or better glass

・Single animation wheel
・Material: Aluminium
・Diameter: 109 mm
・Can be used alone or in combination with rotating gobos
・Rotating in both directions, variable speed

・Blade: 4 Blades, each with separate movement and rotation control
・Movement: Smooth with variable speed, ultrafast blade movements for creating mid-air effects
・Pre-programmed: Shape and blade sequences
・Rotation: 90° of the complete framing system

・Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C (113 °F)
・Maximum surface temperature: 170 °C (338 °F)
・Minimum operating temperature: -5°C (23°F)

・Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
・Input voltage range: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
・Power consumption: 2000 W at 230 V / 50 Hz
・Power in connector: Neutrik powerCON
・DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 3-pin & 5-pin XLR
・Ethernet port in: RJ45

・cETLus Compliant
・CE Compliant

・Height: 826 mm (32.5")
・Width: 483 mm (19.0")
・Depth: 335 mm (13.2")
・Weight: 38.4 kg (84.7 lbs)
・Ingress protection rating: IP20

・Mounting positions: 0°, 32°, 90°
・Universal operating position
・Mounting points: 5 pairs of 1/4-turn locks
・2x Omega adaptors with 1/4-turn quick locks
・Safety cable attachment point
・Pan and Tilt transport locks



Robe BMFL Washbeam [中古:ITEM#31552]

販売価格: 799,990円(税別)

(税込価格: 879,989円)

19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料

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