Clay Paky Xtylos [新品]

The Xtylos is a compact beam moving light with unique optical and chromatic characteristics, making use of a tailor-made laser source (Patent Application filed). This laser source, lasting for 10,000 hours, is enclosed in a reliable, safe and fully sealed module and it is the powerful engine of an incredible array of colors.
The beam aperture can be steered in the range 1°-7° and it can be decreased further to 0.5°. The Xtylos uses laser technology with RGB additive color mixing. In contrast to the subtractive mixing used with discharge lamps, colored light beams are as bright as a white light beam! The range of effects features two gobo wheels - with 7 rotating gobos and 12 fixed gobos (including 7 beam diameter reducers) - a wheel with 3 prisms, and a sixteen facet prism on a dedicated channel which can be overlapped with the prism wheel.
The Xtylos is definitely the most dynamic light on the market. It is the first moving head light with a laser light source, and this opens up new, surprising prospects for the development of the entire entertainment lighting world.

・Light Source: Tailor-made laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
・Long lasting light source (10,000 hours) with minimal decay
・Solid, flat field, saturated, ultraconcentrated light beam without any visible hotspots.
・Aperture: 1°-7° range (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
・RGB additive color mixing, with exclusive Turbo-colors
・Unequalled color consistency both across different fixtures and during lifetime.
・Exclusive BLazer graphic effects
・One wheel with 7 rotating gobos
・One wheel with 12 fixed gobos (incl. 7 beam reducers)
・One wheel with 3 prisms and 1 frost filter
・Sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel
・Unrivalled effect and color change speed
・Compact housing with easy accessibility to all modules
・Extremely fast pan-tilt movements
・Ultra-precise 24-bit digital dimmer
・RISK GROUP 3 - Warning: possibly hazardous optical radiation emitted from this product. Do not look at operating lamp source. Eye injury may result. EN/IEC 62471 - Hazard distance: refer to the manual
・CLASS 1 laser product: EN/IEC 60825-1 2014

・AC power input/output Neutrik PowerCON True1
・100-240V, 50/60 Hz

・400 VA @230Vac - 50Hz

・Tailor-made laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
・Long lasting light source (10,000 hours) with minimal decay
・Solid, flat field, saturated, ultra-concentrated light beam without any visible hotspots

・Aperture: 1°-7° range (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
・Electronic Focusing

・RGB Laser based system
・Linear Virtual CTO
・Macro Color

・12 static Gobos, including 5 beam diameter reducers
・7 Rotating Gobos
・3 Rotating Prisms on 1 wheel: Convex plane, Pyramid 6 facets, Linear 6 facets
・1 Rotating Prism with 16 facets
・1 Frost filter (on the rotating prism wheel)
・Effects Macro
・0-100% digital dimmer, 24 bit
・Fast digital stop/strobe effect

・Inputs: DMX 512 – Art-Net
・DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512
・30/34 DMX 512 control channels
・Display: LCD 128 x 64 Dots, backlit LED, white on black
・Pan and Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
・Focus Indexing Resolution: 16 bit
・Dimmer Resolution: 24 bit
・Rotation gobo Resolution: 16 bit
・Rotating gobo indexing
・Rotating 3prisms Resolution: 8 bit
・Rotating 3prisms indexing
・DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output
・Software upload through DMX input / Ethernet input
・RGB colour calibration
・Real-time colour control algorithm when not in raw mode (CTO channel > 0)
・Laser driver safety control logic at firmware level to switch-off light output in a safe state, when parameters outside of working range (redundant with hardware level safety)
・RGB derating to preserve laser diodes

・Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers
・Two side handles for transportation
・Device locking PAN and TILT mechanisms for transportation and maintenance

・TILT range 251°
・Fast speed (Pan 2.46 – Tilt 1.68)
 Resolution ± 0,17° (Range 0,35°)

・Long life self-charging buffer battery.
・Function reset from control unit.
・Function reset from the lighting desk.
・"AUTOTEST" function from menu.
・Electronic monitoring with status error.
・Cooling system monitoring.
・DMX level monitoring on all channels.
・Internal data transmission diagnostics.
・Firmware Upgrade with no power (cpu only)
・Firmware upload from another fixture (cpu only)
・Base colours control: primary colours (RGB) in raw mode
・Protocols/Functions: RDM, Web Server, ArtNet.
・Source calibration in the production line.
・Extremely reliable communication bus RS485
・On-module calibration (calibration data are directly stored on the laser module)

・Minimum distance of illuminated objects 10 meters (32’ 10”)
・Minimum distance from flammable materials 0.2 meters (8”)
・Max ambient temperature 40°C (104°F)
・Max temperature of the external surface 60°C (140°F)
・Safety devices Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection
・Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating
・Forced ventilation with axial fans

・Working in any position
・Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on the base

In conformity with the European Directives:
 2014/35/EU - Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
 2011/65/EU - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
 2009/125/EC - EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)

24 Kg

391mm x 294 mm x 603mm



■XTYLOS lighting installation - Jova Beach Party September 2019(動画)



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料