Dove Systems TechMaster Sublime [新品]

The Sublime is an add-on module of the Techmaster controllers. The Sublime module has 24 submasters which are fully overlapping and proportional. Just set the look on the manual board, hit the “record” key, then hit the submaster bump button for the submaster channel you want, and that’s it! You’ve just recorded a look on that submaster channel. The Sublime does not require modes, or pages, or keypads, or displays (it is super simple). Multiple submaster modules can add 24 subs at a time to the Techmaster. The Sublime remembers its looks and is just as easy to reprogram or clear. When you need more than just a manual two scene board, but don’t need computer memory control, the Sublime is the easy answer.



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料