Dove Systems IQ512M [新品]

The IQ512M is a memory lighting control console designed for television studios, houses of worship, small stages, and nightclubs. The console may be used with up to 512 dimmers. It stores an unlimited number of cues and shows on standard MMC and SD cards. Also it stores a distinct look on each of its sliders through a full proportional softpatch. Smooth fades from one look to another are executed through standard theatrical split crossfade controls. A hypertext menu on a backlit LCD display guides the user through all operations. Memory cues and the softpatch are saved automatically and held indefinitely. Shows may be edited offline on any personal computer. The IQ512M can also serve as a Remote Focus Unit, easily allowing control of any of 512 channels. Finally, it can capture a look from another console making it easy to use as a backup.

・Unlimited memory cues and shows
・Standard DMX output for all 512 channels
・DMX input to capture looks from other consoles
・LCD display
・Full overlapping proportional softpatch
・Remote Focus Unit function
・Dim. 17x9x3 inches, 6 pounds shipping weight
・Grand master slider
・Split dipless crossfaders
・Uses MMC & SD cards for storage
・Hypertext menu operation
・Save up to ten patch tables
・User selectable password protection
・One year warranty



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料