Dove Systems SceneMaster 6 (SM6-DUG) [新品]

The SceneMaster 6 is a simple, rugged two scene board with six 1000 watt dimmers built in. It features six channels arranged in two scene preset configuration, a single crossfader, a grandmaster slider, a blackout switch, a crossfade timer, and bump buttons for each channel. Extremely easy to setup and use, it requires just two wall outlets for power. With dual U-Ground (Edison) outlets in the back, output loads plug right in. Add a foot switch for hands-free crossfades and blackouts!

・All in one control and dimmer
・Six channels @ 1000 watts per channel
・Two scene preset configuration
・Timed crossfader (0-2 min.)
・Bump/flash buttons
・Grand master control
・Duplex receptacles each dimmer
・Remote foot switch option for crossfade and blackout
・Master/slave option to connect two Scenemasters for 12 Channels with a single crossfader
・Stage pin output option
・Requires only two wall outlets for power (20A 120V)
・Dim. 15.5" X 10.5" x 7", 12 pounds
 With dual U-Ground (Edison) outlets in back, output loads plug right in.
 Single Stage Pin outlets are included on the SM6-SSP.



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料