The Zaila is a premium LED light fixture with a very small form factor. Since it operates on both AC and DC power, it's both a studio stalwart and a workhorse in the field. Its high-intensity output coupled with its diminutive size make the Zaila a flexible tool for any shooters. We now offer the Zaila in both bi-color and daylight-only units.

The Zaila Bi-Color is the first Nila professional LED fixture to offer Precision Colortune™. With this innovative new feature, you control the precise color of the light output between 2600°K and 6400°K in 200° increments. We've also added a red boost circuit that allows you to warm up the color if needed (particularly helpful with some Sony cameras). Set the color you prefer and it will remain in memory until you change it again.

The bi-color Zaila creates more lumens than the daylight-balanced Zaila. It’s native beam angle is 20° due to the color-blending optics used, resulting in a softer light output ideal for modern lighting techniques. Whereas most bi-color LED fixtures in the marketplace today have discreet optics for each color, the Zaila Bi-Color blends the colors within each individual optic resulting in less color fringing and better overall color reproduction.

・light output: 3500 lumens
・native beam angle: 20°
・input voltage: 100-240V AC, 10-18V DC
・input current: 0.4A at 100V AC
・system watts: 45
・dim range: 0-100% (onboard dimmer)
・compatible shutter speeds: all (flicker-free at any frame rate at 100% output, and up to 5000 fps when dimmed)
・light source: high-efficiency daylight, tungsten & red LEDs
・LED rated lifespan: 20,000+ hours
・color: 2600°K to 6400°K variable in 200° increments with red boost control
・UV output: none
・color spectrum: continuous
・CRI: 96 (5600°K), 98 (3200°K)
・TLCI: 92 (5600°K), 96 (3200°K)
・beam angle: 10° to 80°
・focus method: holographic film lenses
・control network: DMX512 with RDM
・control connections: RJ45 (5-pin XLR adapter optional)
・built-in Chimera mount
・weight: 2.3 kg
・certifications: ETL & CE
・operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C
・housing construction: aluminum
・mounting: yoke (w/junior pin and baby receiver)
・operating position: any
・cooling: passive (no fans)
・power cable: 10' IEC (to external power supply)
・power connector: NEMA 5-15P
・country of origin: USA


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料