Nila VARSA [新品]

Our new and improved Varsa fixture strikes the perfect balance between light output and portability. New features include a weatherproof housing, ergonomic design, Nila Net control software upgrade, and a limited lifetime warranty.

With an output comparable to that of a 400 watt HMI fixture, the Varsa uses only 75 watts and weighs a meager 10 pounds. It's ready to go when you are with instant-on, AC/DC power options, and beautiful, flicker-free light.

・input voltage: 100-240V AC, 10-18V DC
・input current: 0.65A at 115V AC
・system watts: 75
・power factor: >.95 @ 115V AC, >.97 @ 240V AC
・dim range: 0-100% (onboard dimmer)
・compatible shutter speeds: all (flicker-free at any frame rate at 100% output, and up to 5000 fps when dimmed)
・light source: single-color, high brightness LEDs
・LED rated lifespan: 20,000+ hours
・color: 5600° K (daylight balanced)
・UV output: none
・color spectrum: continuous
・CRI: 90 (5600°K)
・TLCI: 86 (5600°K)
・beam angle: 10° to 80°
・focus method: holographic film lenses
・control network: DMX512 with RDM
・control connections: RJ45 (5-pin XLR adapter optional)
・built-in Chimera mount
・weight: 5 kg
・certifications: ETL & CE
・operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C
・housing construction: aluminum
・mounting: yoke (w/junior pin and baby receiver)
・operating position: any
・cooling: passive (no fans)
・power cable: 10' locking IP68 UTL
・power connector: Souriau UTL (AC), 4-pin XLR (DC)
・country of origin: USA


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料