Compulite Vibe M [新品]

Vibe M is the ultimate compact console. It is just as powerful as the original Vibe, but is about 15 cm narrower, 7 cm shorter and 7 kg lighter, therefore it is easier to carry and maneuver.
Vibe M combines innovation with convenience, it utilizes the latest Operating System software & computer hardware with Multi-touch screen technologies to provide a totally flexible and dynamic customizable control surface.

・Built-in 15.6” plus 11.6” Full HD multi-touch screens
・Length: 882mm (34.7in)
・Width: 436mm (17.1in)
・Height (closed): 155mm (6.1in)
・Height (opened): 396mm (15.5in)
・Weight: 22.8kg (50.2lb)
・10 individually paging motorized faders
・30 individually paging multi-use controller buttons


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料