Compulite Vector Black [新品]

The Vector family is a line of lighting control consoles, based on the most advanced computer networking, software & hardware technologies.
Vector delivers unmatched performances, high level functionality, reliability and sophistication.
Vector consoles are designed for use in Theaters, Opera Houses, Ballet, TV Studios, Production Touring, Theme Parks, Clubs and more.

・Embedded high speed hardware technology
・Latest Windows XP
・Rich GUI capabilities of Windows
・Multitude screen & touch capabilities
・Real-time performances with high stability
・Seamless media files integration
・Three independent backbone Networks
・Expandability for additional panels via Ethernet
・Expandability for additional DMX universes via Ethernet
・Operation uniformity of all models
・Show files compatibility between all models
・Simplicity of synchronization between the models
・Master / Slave and Multi-user capabilities
・Media Server connectivity via Ethernet


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料