Compulite Dlite PC [新品]

Designed for a wide variety of lighting applications, Dlite PC, the offline editor of the Dlite product family offers offline programming and playback with the familiar advantages of using visualizers while saving expensive onsite time.
Using Compulite's ePort , you can even run your real show using a Dlite PC.
Dlite PC handles well moving lights as well as regular channels, Dlite PC seamlessly integrates manual and programmable lighting console operation.

・4 DMX512 universes via Ethernet (Utilizing Compulite's ePort)
・20 playbacks with flash keys for scenes, chases and Qlists
・24 faders with flash keys and 3 operation modes
・1 crossfader for QList playback
・Effects editor with pre-programmed & editable effects
・Automatic groups
・Automatic libraries

・3 fader operation modes: Wide mode for direct channel control,
・2 Preset mode for manual 2 preset
・operation, Context mode for object selection and programming.
・3 banked encoder wheels for parameter control
・Trackball for pan and tilt control
・Live and blind editors
・Focus, beam, color libraries
・36 fixture types can be used simultaneously
・240 scenes
・72 chases with up to 48 steps each
・72 QLists with up to 999.9 cues each
・96 selection groups including automatic groups
・72 effects including pre-programmed effects
・Ethernet distribution of DMX-512 output and visualizers
・Support for CAST Wysiwyg, CAPTURE and other visualizers.


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料