GLP Air Dome 850(ジーエルピー エアドーム) [新品]

GLP Air Dome 850(ジーエルピー エアドーム) [新品]


The Air Domes feature auto sensing power input along with both 3 pin and 5 pin XLR data connectors allow the Air Domes to be used with a wide variety of fixtures on the market.

Standard features on all Air Dome models include sensor controls to monitor air pressure inside the dome. As well as easily visible warning LED’s, holders for ground anchors, separate power controls for the fixture and the fan. Additionally 4 selectable fan speeds can be selected depending on the situation.

・Product Features
 Robust construction.
 4 level high speed fan for fast deployment.
 Sturdy rubber feet keep Air Dome elevated from dirt and standing water.
 Strong, sure hook and loop material for cone attachment
 Auto ranging power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
 Can be run with or without lighting fixture inside.
 Fitted with pass thru power / data connectors for fixture use.
 No tools required for assembly.
 Air Dome 850
 (L x W x H): with cover
 85 cm x 85 cm x 160 cm
 Envelope size inside height: 124.4 cm
・Data Connections
 DMX: 5 pin and 3 pin XLR in and out
・Power Supply
 Fan power consumption: 410 Watts
 Power input: auto sensing 100-240V AC / 50-60 Hz.
 Neutrik Powercon
・Protection Rating
 IP 54 rated
 Air Dome 850 – 14.5 kg



GLP Air Dome 850(ジーエルピー エアドーム) [新品]


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料

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