Fiilex QUAD COLOR(フィーレックス) [新品]


The QUAD Color is a super-bright punch light that emits 1360W of LED illumination. Powerful yet compact, the QUAD Color combines four Matrix fixtures in one ruggedized frame weighing a total of 75lbs (34kg) and standing less than one meter high. This streamlined fixture includes an integrated power supply, cabling, and controls (in addition to XLR5 DMX in/out) for easy rigging and settings adjustment. With this comprehensive design, the QUAD Color excels in any production setting, whether it’s set on a floor stand or suspended from a studio lighting grid.

・1360W LED Fresnel Punch Light
・5K Tungsten Equivalent
・100°, 30° and 18° Lens Options
・Weighs only 34kg

・Beam Angle 100° (30° or 18° with fresnel accessories)
・CCT Range 2000-10000K continuous tuning + magenta/green shift
・CRI 95 Typical.
・TLCI 90 Typical.
・Color Control 360° Color
・Dimming 100% - 0% Flicker Free
・Light Engine Dense Matrix LED
・Power Draw 1360W Max
・Max Intensity ~540fc (at 3m, 5600K)
・AC Input 100 - 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz
・DMX Interface XLR5 & Attached Fiilex DMX Controller
・Weight 34kg
・Size (L x W x H) 84cm x 27cm x 82cm
・Mount Type Junior Stud 1-1/8” Male (28mm)


・FLXMX-FRNL30 Matrix Fresnel Lens, 30 Degrees
・FLXMX-FRNL18 Matrix Fresnel Lens, 18 Degrees