Litepanels Inca 6C [SKU: 906-2005](ライトパネル) [新品]

Litepanels Inca 6C [SKU: 906-2005](ライトパネル) [新品]



The performance of a traditional Fresnel, with all the benefits of LED technology

The tungsten-balanced Inca 6C; provides the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light, with the advantages of LED technology including DMX-controllability. The Inca 6C draws a small fraction of the power of conventional Fresnel fixtures, is now 50% brighter than the previous version, and like the rest of the Sola Series, it provides Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light.

・Beam angle:16 to 67
・CRI daylight:95
・Max power draw:104W
・Remote control:Built-in Wired DMX (RJ-45)
・Gel filter:Optional Accessory
・Optics:15.24cm Fresnel Lens
・Power supply:AC/DC 120-240VAC, 14-28VDC via 3-pin XLR,
・Mounting method:Junior/Baby Combo

・Weight:4.13 kg
・Height:250 mm
・Width:280 mm
・Depth:380 mm

・SKU: 906-2005