Litepanels Spectra 2 LED Light [SKU: MLSPECTRA2](ライトパネル) [新品]

Litepanels Spectra 2 LED Light [SKU: MLSPECTRA2](ライトパネル) [新品]



The most compact LED Panel in the professional range, branded by Manfrotto powered by Litepanels. The Spectra2 features state of the art LED Surface Mount Technology which guarantees images with perfect colour rendition and improved efficiency. Compact and portable, it is perfect for on and off camera. Diffuser and filter gel for colour correction are included.

・Premium selected high CRI/TLCI rated surface mounted LEDs
Custom designed optics
Lightweight portable lighting solution
Dedicated on/off power switch
Daylight balanced
Smooth dimming from 0-100%
Efficient thermal management
Multiple powering options
AA batteries
Optional AC via 100-240VAC power supply, Optional Sony L-style battery mount

・ Spectra 2 fixture, CTO, 1/4 CTO, Diffuser gels, Ball Head

・Beam angle:0 to 50
・Color temperature:Daylight
・Field Angle:0
・CRI daylight:90
・CRI Tungsten:0
・Max power draw:8W
・Remote control:No remote
・Comparative output:550 lux (+50% in Boost mode)
・Gel filter:CTO, 1/4 CTO and diffuser (INCLUDED)
・Optics:Custom TIR
・Power supply:AC Adapter (12V DC)
・Mounting method:Tripod/hotshoe/female 1/4"

・Weight:230 g
・Height:153 mm
・Width:93 mm
・Depth:45 mm