GAM Tubes


GamTubes are colored filter sleeves that slip over fluorescents to correct or change their color. They're an excellent and economical choice to simulate neon, reduce glare or to color correct for motion picture and television production. GamTubes are available for every fluorescent lamp from T-2 to T-12. They're also available for biaxial & compact fluorescents lamps, requiring only trimming of length, which is easily done with scissors.

*Color life expectancy for GamTube (single layer of color) on a fluorescent tube is one year for T-8 thru T-12. For T-5 and T-5 HO color life expectancy is 50% less particularly problematic are the T-5 HO lamps. SuperTubes are recommended for the T-5 lamps. Life expectancy is based on ten hours per day operation, seven days a week (an average on time of 70 hours per week). If lights are used on a higher average per week, life expectancy will be proportionally reduced.

Color life expectancy does vary because of the different dies used to make each color. Color life is impacted by installation circumstances and optical design of the fixture and reflector. For example if the fixture design limits the flow of cooling air or a spectral reflector focuses the light back into the lamp, color life will be reduced. GamTubes mounted in fixtures exposed to sunlight are also subject to quicker fading due to UV rays from sunlight even when the light is not on. For better results we recommend the Super/SuperTube.

・Available in Any Size & 160 GamColors
・Genuine GamColor Filters
・Installs Quickly and Easily
・Reusable & Durable
・Ideal for Retail, Architectural, Residential & Decorative Applications
・Folds Flat for Easy Storage & Shipping

・111XXXXX0004 GAM Tubes 48" - T5, T8, T12
・111XXXXX0008 GAM Tubes 100" - T5, T8, T12
・111100XX0400 GAM Tube Roll 400 Ft.- T5, T8, T12
・111100XX0600 GAM Tube Roll 600 Ft.- T5, T8, T12
・111100XX0800 GAM Tube Roll 800 Ft.- T5, T8, T12
・111100XX1000 GAM Tube Roll 1000 Ft.- T5, T8, T12