DFD LED300 カラキネCB6/CB12 パワーサプライ(ダグフリーナ) [新品]

DFD LED300 カラキネCB6/CB12 パワーサプライ(ダグフリーナ) [新品]



Version 2.2 Software Update! For a $15 fee per unit, you can update your current LED300 to Software Version 2.2. Do the upgrade in the field, or send it in and we will perform the update in the shop.

The LED300 is an accessory power supply. The innovative design is flexible and can provide power and data in many different formats to suit varying fixture inventories. Primarily designed to power and control Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures, the LED300 can be configured to operate devices such as Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR UV, ColorBlast 6, ColorBurst 4, ColorBurst 6, and gobo rotators.