WildFire UltraRail Series [新品]

The Ultra-Slim,​Linkable Fluorescent Black Light Solution
The UltraRail® Series from Wildfire features T5 fluorescent BLB lamps, a slim low-profile design, very low energy consumption, build-in electronic ballasting and snap-in mounting brackets for quick and easy installation. This linkable black light system is the perfect choice for very tight spaces such as cove and soffit lighting, retail​or merchandise​shelf lighting, an elaborate merchandising​display, trade show exhibits and more!
Wildfire’s UltraRail® Series is the ultra-cool affordable solution for small spaces. Features include:

・Advanced, self-ballasted UV LED lamps
・High-performance, built-in electronic ballasts
・Fixture-to-fixture linking via link cords and modular connectors
・Extremely low-profile design
・Easy plug & play installation requires no remote ballasts
・High output, low energy consumption
・One-year parts and labor warranty



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料