WildFire IronArc Metal Halide Lamp 150S [新品]

WildFire IronArc Metal Halide Lamp 150S [新品]



Specially Formulated To Produce 35% More UV Than Standard Metal Halide Lamps
IronArc UV lamps are specially designed by Wildfire and engineered for maximum UV output, producing 35% more than standard metal halide lamps. Wildfire IronArc lamps can also improve the performance of other brands of ultraviolet lighting fixtures.

Wildfire IronArc lamps produce true black light. It’s just another reason why the professionals choose IronArc. Key features include:

・Engineered for maximum UV output
・Specifically designed for Wildfire metal halide fixtures
・35% more UV output than standard metal halide lamps
・High-quality construction