Goddard Design DMX-2U RDM (ゴダート) [新品]

Goddard Design DMX-2U RDM (ゴダート) [新品]



TRDM protocal logohere are times when a rack mount DMX tester would be easier to use. The display faces you.The unit does not slide around the bench. The test cable routings are stable. You need it to stay on your bench, not be grabbed by the road crew (sometimes that handle isn't a help!) The DMXter 2U RDM is a DMXter4A RDM in a 2U 19" rack chassis. Same functions - different case. See DMXter4A RDM data sheet for details. The 2U comes with our standard software, curently V4.30. All the code options are show below.

・R&D DMX /RDM design and debugging.
・Rental shops - for pre-rental testing and configuring.
・Use it as a trade show/event controller (with optional ShowPlayer).
・Product evaluation.