Pathway Vignette Clock [新品]

Vignette Clock is a simple but powerful expansion device for Vignette systems, allowing you to automate playback of snapshots, zones, and other Vignette functions according to date, time, or astronomical events such as dawn, dusk, sunrise or sunset.

Extensive configuration options in Pathscape allow fine-tuning of the desired playback events. Set up schedules for each day, and select different looks for mornings, afternoons or evenings; on weekdays or weekends. Comprehensive scheduling for specific dates and date ranges. Input the local timezone and geographical location for accurate astronomical timing, without having to make any additional adjustments.

・Expand functionality of Vignette systems to automate playback of snapshots, zones, grandmaster level, priority override, exclusive lock, blackout zones, and release all
・Specify hour, minute, second, year, month, day of the week, or any range of these (contiguous or non-contiguous) to trigger snapshots of Vignette functions automatically
・Synchronize with astronomical events to trigger snapshots or functions at dawn, sunrise, dusk, or sunset, any day of the year
・Internal battery keeps clock accurate during power outages and if connected to the Internet, can subscribe to an NTP server for exact precision
・Can snapshot up to 4 Universes of sACN on its own and play back without external Vignette button or slider stations
・Mounts to 35mm DIN rail
・Powered via Power-over-Ethernet or 24-48VDC power supply
・Requires Pathscape software for configuration

・Powered via PoE or regulated 24-48VDC power supply
・4 watts maximum power consumption
・Internet CR2032 battery (3V)
・Operating conditions: 32°F-105°F (0°C to 40°C ), 10-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
・0.160 kg
・114mm x 51mm x 102mm



19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料