Chroma Q Space Force(クロマキュー) [新品]

Chroma Q Space Force(クロマキュー) [新品]


Introducing the new Chroma-Q? Space Force? LED fixture - the next frontier in space lighting. The Space Force? is a cutting-edge variable white LED Space Light that is a modern replacement for conventional space lights or soft light sources commonly used in film and TV studios around the world. The Space Force? benefits from cool running, energy efficiency, lightweight design and minimum maintenance. CCT tuneable between 2,800K and 6,500K, and natively single source, the diffuse nature of its output negates the need for silks or skirts. Extensive RDM functionality is provided through wired, or the optional LumenRadio CRMX, connections.

・Comparable to a traditional 6kW fixture
・Up to 26,700 lumens
・Variable white ? 2,800K to 6,500K
・Only 8kg / 17.6lb
・No fans, no noise
・Smooth, soft uniform beam
・Variable PWM flicker-free operation
・Multiple hanging options
・Wireless DMX / RDM
・Superior unit-to-unit consistency
・Chroma-Q's proven LED performance

・Smooth, Soft Output
 The Space Force? is highly efficient and natively single source, removing the need for skirts or silks to diffuse the light.
・Easy Setup
 As a result of its low profile, lightweight (only 8 kg / 17.6 lbs) and skirt-free design, the Space Force? is quick and easy to set up at any height.
・A White Light for Every Application
 The Space Force? is available as a variable white 2,800K ? 6,500K. Every unit is factory calibrated, to ensure consistent output and colour temperature.
 The Space Force? uses a fraction of the power required by conventional fixtures, while delivering all of the performance you require - providing an output of up to 26,700 lumens, which is comparable to a traditional 6kW fixture. Not only is the power consumption lower, so too is the heat produced - ensuring a cooler environment and lower air conditioning costs.
・Convection Cooled
 Using the same proven convection cooling technology found in other Chroma-Q? LED models - which eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans - the Space Force? provides totally silent running in operation.
・Long Life
 The Space Force? utilises LED technology to ensure consistent long life performance - removing the need for costly regular maintenance associated with conventional fixtures.
・High CRI & TLCI
 The Space Force? provides high CRI and TLCI values, which are requirements for light sources used in the film and TV industry to ensure accurate colour rendering.
・Theatrical Grade Dimming
 All Chroma-Q? products come with theatrical grade dimming, and the Space Force? is no exception. This technique emulates the extremely smooth dimming curve of a tungsten fixture, ensuring there is no stepping on the output. This allows the output to be smoothly controlled even at the low end of the dimming curve.
・Flicker-Free Operation
 The Space Force? features adjustable PWM frequencies to provide flicker-free operation on even the most demanding shoots.
・Complete Control
 Unlike conventional fixtures, the Space Force? has on-board power and control electronics - eliminating costly power cables and the need for dimmer racks. Control of colour temperature and intensity is available via DMX wired, the optional LumenRadio CRMX wireless, or locally via the onboard encoders.
・Versatile Mounting Options
 The Space Force? features multiple mounting options. In addition to a built-in standard bridle and suspension hanger brackets for stacking multiple units together, optional accessories include a manual yoke and a low-profile hanging bracket.
・Full Range Of Accessories
 For real versatility, the Space Force? is available with a range of optional accessories, including a black mini skirt, soft egg crate, cyc skirt / silk, soft target kit, and a soft lantern. In addition, the optional LumenRadio connectivity is also available as a user-installed accessory, for retro-fitting if required at a later date.

・Product Code
 CHSPFV - Space Force Variable w Bridle
 CHSPFVLR - Space Force Variable w Bridle LumenRadio Installed
・Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 655mm x 203mm x 655mm
・Net Weight 8kg
・Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 737mm x 737mm x 254mm
・Shipping Weight 11kg
・Power Supply Built-in
・Power Input Rating 100-240V AC 50-60Hz 400VA
・Power Factor 0.97
・Power Consumption 333W @ 120V AC, 331W @ 230V AC
・Inrush Current 56A @ 120V AC, 82A @ 230V AC
・Idle Power Consumption 18W @ 120/230V AC
・Residual Current (max.) 0.4 mA
・Power Connectors In/Out powerCON TRUE1
・Data Connector In/Out XLR 5-pin
・Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
・Control Protocol ANSI E1.20 RDM over ANSI E1.11 USITT DMX 512-A
・Cooling System Convection
・Construction Powder Coated Aluminium
・Colour Black
・Built-In Hardware Suspension Hanger Brackets


■動画 Chroma-Q Space Force? Lights Up New Warehouse

■動画 Chroma-Q Space Force?
Chroma Q Space Force(クロマキュー) [新品]


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