Artistic Licence Rail-DMX-DALI [新品]

Artistic Licence Rail-DMX-DALI [新品]

販売価格: 85,990円(税別)

(税込価格: 94,589円)

Rail-DMX-DALI converts DMX values into DALI commands to allow integration between a DMX controller and DALI ballasts. (For conversion of DALI into DMX, please see the sister product, Rail-DALI-DMX).

Please note that Rail-DMX-DALI supports DALI DT0 (intensity). If you require DT8 (colour), please see the new product DMXtoDALI quad.

Up to four DALI circuits can be controlled via DMX allowing up to 256 ballasts to be connected. Simultaneous control over DALI channels, groups and scenes enables users to overcome the speed differences between DMX and DALI, allowing control of multiple ballasts with a single command. In addition the channels and groups can be selected to broadcast mode on each of the four outputs.

For any configuration, a conversion of the 'dimming curve' can take place. DALI uses an exponential type curve while DMX uses a linear curve. If there are two types of dimmers a conversion will be needed to match the fade profiles.

This product requires a 9V to 24V PSU. We recommend the PSU-24-2-FER - see PSU. The DALI circuit requires a DALI Bus PSU. An example of this is Rail-PSU-D4.

・DMX512 to DALI conversion
・Simultaneous conversion of Channels, Groups, Scenes
・Configurable Start Addresses
・Dimming Curve translation
・Four DALI circuits
・DIN rail mount
・Surface mount

・Input Voltage: 9-24 VDC
・Power: 10 W
・Protection: Internal 500mA electronic fuse
・Protocols: DMX512-A, DALI
・RDM V1.0 (E1.20 - 2010 ESTA Standard)
・Duty Cycle: 80%
・Listing: CE
・IP Rating: Indoor use
・Height: 90mm
・Width: 88mm
・Depth: 58mm
・Net Mass: 0.20 kg
・Manufacturer: Artistic Licence
・Country of Manufacture: UK



Artistic Licence Rail-DMX-DALI [新品]

販売価格: 85,990円(税別)

(税込価格: 94,589円)


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料