ENTTEC USB Assembled Widget [新品]

The USB Assemble widget ships with no metal case, no cables, no documentation and no fancy packaging.Configure it as you please for reliable control of 512 channels across a range of compatible programs

Controlling your DMX lights from your computer requires an interface.The USB Assembled Widget is the cheapest interface available.This simple low cost widget ships by itself in a box – without a metal case, no usb cable, no documentation and no fancy packaging – ideal for those on a low budget.Designed for the hobbyist or users who does not require the added features and protection of DMX USB Pro or PRO Mk2.Compatible with a reduced set of programs compared to USB PRO, but it will still allow control of 512 channels.
USB 2.0 input and single DMX512 output (non-isolated)
RDM is not supported on this device


19,950円 (税別) 以上 送料無料